Dimethyl fumarate is a pharmaceutical substance that is classified as an immunomodulatory agent. Its chemical name is dimethyl (2E)-but-2-enedioate, and its CAS number is 624-49-7.

Dimethyl fumarate is commonly used as an oral treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). It works by reducing inflammation and preventing damage to the myelin sheath, which is the protective covering of nerve fibers. By modulating the immune system, dimethyl fumarate helps to decrease the frequency and severity of MS relapses.

In addition to its immunomodulatory properties, dimethyl fumarate is also known for its antioxidant effects. It can scavenge reactive oxygen species, which are harmful molecules that can cause cellular damage. This antioxidant activity may contribute to the neuroprotective benefits of dimethyl fumarate in MS treatment.

Dimethyl fumarate is typically prescribed in the form of delayed-release capsules. The recommended dosage varies depending on the specific condition being treated, and it is usually taken twice