Product: Artesunate

CAS Number: 88495-63-0

Artesunate is a pharmaceutical substance used in the treatment of malaria, specifically for the treatment of severe cases or cases resistant to other antimalarial drugs. It belongs to the class of artemisinin derivatives, which are derived from the Chinese herb Artemisia annua.

Artesunate exhibits potent antimalarial activity by specifically targeting the Plasmodium parasite responsible for causing malaria. It works by interfering with the parasite’s ability to reproduce and spread, ultimately leading to its death. This mechanism of action makes it effective against both the blood stage and the dormant liver stage of the parasite.

As a pharmaceutical substance, artesunate is typically administered through injection or oral tablets. It is rapidly absorbed and converted into its active form, dihydroartemisinin, in the body. The substance has a relatively short half-life, necessitating multiple dosages to ensure adequate therapeutic levels.